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About Us

Express Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company ( Thanh Dat Express Limited Company before) was established and operated on 23rd October 2003. We have been working in Logistics for 14 years with a group of experienced and professional staffs.

Express Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company integrates the following service: 

  • Transportation Service (TS): specializing in the road transportation service.
  • Warehousing Service (WS): warehouse rental service for goods storage. 
  • Rental Car Service: specializing in providing truck rental service, specialists, etc. 
  • Customs Service: A small part of the company, specializing in customs clearance

Contact Us

Address: 3rd Floor, 710 Lac Long Quan Str., Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi, Viet Nam

Website: www.thanhdatexpress.com

Email: info@thanhdatexpress.com